Published May 28, 2014

The Game Changer

A tale of humanity behind the forgotten prison walls. -- By Indrani Kopal

<p> The advantages of the art therapy in numerous settings are well established. There has also been a growing interest in the therapeutic art program in many rehabilitation centers. There is significant research showing that such programs are effective. While prison education provides academic and vocational training to better equip the prisoners with skills to thrive in the real world once they are released, the emotion and the cognitive development of these incarcerated men and women who have been locked up for years - are often overlooked or neglected. According to Correctional Association of New York, funding for the therapeutic art program in prison has been declining over the years despite the great successes of such program. Individuals like Susan and organisations like Rehabilitation Through Arts (RTA) plays an important role in going against conventional beliefs that men and women who are incarcerated will always have the live with a bad social stigma for rest of their lives. Men of Figures-In-Flight Released has proved that perception wrong.&nbsp;</p>